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Over the past five years Cavendish Enterprise has been working to create a business support structure across England which enables start-up businesses to grow, creating strong and sustainable economic growth. We believe Britain’s prosperity depends on nurturing entrepreneurs and are committed to ensuring every potential entrepreneur has the opportunity to thrive.

Through working together during this period we have delivered over 14,000 jobs in 8,400 new start businesses, and we can demonstrate a track record of cost effective delivery of businesses and jobs on a local level, in all corners of England.

As a group of highly respected enterprise agencies we represent over 100,000 businesses at various stages of development.

Our most recent government contract is Start & Grow – providing sustained business support to over 1,500 businesses for a three year period. Each of these businesses are actively growing – our average jobs-to-business ratio has gone from 1.5 to 2.6 and is increasing all the time. 

We are proud to be directly supporting the economy by creating jobs, and partnerships for the benefit of both the local and wider communities and will continue to serve pillars four and nine of the UK Government’s Industrial Strategy.

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Our most recent initiative, Start & Grow, is funded by the Regional Growth Fund and delivers support and training to potential entrepreneurs across England. The programme is available to those looking to start a business which expects to employ people from its early stages and where start-up financing will be required to get the venture off the ground.

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