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Juuce Bristol embraces the local community

The Start & Grow team gave me the confidence to launch the business even though it looked to be such a daunting task going it alone. Alex

Juuce Bristol is a concept for a coffee and smoothie bar that offers healthy eating supplements alongside freshly prepared juices, smoothies and aero press filtered coffee.

Alex came  to Business West seeking help in setting up the business.  Alex’s business model incorporated the ideology that serving products in a relaxed but vibrant environment, embracing the community with locally sourced goods, would be the unique approach that keeps customers coming back again and again.

Alex has faced challenges in setting up his business but these have not lowered his drive.  He experienced delays in funding that has led to his project being delayed slightly, and he has also been juggling the business with full time education and a part time job.  Despite all these obstacles, the support and advice from Business West through the Start & Grow programme has given Alex the confidence to launch a business on the back of his idea.

The programme provided Alex with appropriate advice and up to date information that has allowed him to keep his business moving in the right direction, and has also placed Alex into contact with like minded individuals who were experiencing similar challenges.

Through the Start & Grow team Alex has successfully applied for a SWIG start up loan of £4,950, and the Start & Grow team will continue to be on hand to guide Alex through any challenges he might face as his business grows.

Alex is a client of Business West, providing support and advice to start up business in the South West of England.  Alex received 25 hours of support and leveraged £4,950 to invest in the business.  1 job was created.

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