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All’s well for launch of product into new market for startup business

Knowing support is always there and being able to pick up the phone and ask is extremely helpful. Gary Lloyd

In August 2014, Gary Lloyd acquired the domain www.wellbeingbristol.co.uk, which is where it all began for his startup business.

Gary originally offered his services ‘holistic therapy for mind and body’  – counselling and healing – through his website.  However his business model has changed and with the help and support of Start & Grow in April 2016 Gary launched his first product to the retail market, a range of reed diffusers under the brand name Shui Me.


The idea came to Gary when he bought his first reed diffusers.  He loved the product but was convinced that he could produce a better quality one, so he wasted no time and set about doing it. Shui Me currently has three blends; Relax, Purity and Uplift. Gary sees this as just the start of his product range but he knows he has to learn to walk before he can run.

Gary faced a few challenges on his startup journey. The first was that going back into education would mean that he had to find a part time job; this meant some long hard nights studying and whilst still working.  He also needed advice and help with Trademark and Intellectual Property processes.

The Start & Grow programme gave Gary the facility of having business support just a phone call away, and his business advisor was able to help with business issues he didn’t fully understand.

The launch of his products benefited from the the support, and ultimately meant he could launch in shorter time scales.  In terms of future growth, Gary is researching new markets for his business under the guidance of his business advisor.

Gary Lloyd is a client of Business West, delivering business support in the South West.  As a Business West client, Gary received one year’s free membership to the Business West Chamber of Commerce.

Through Start & Grow Gary received 28 hours of support and attended 2 training days.  The business leveraged £6,732 to invest in growth and one job has been created.


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