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All becomes clear for Melting Messages after support from Start & Grow

One thing we have learnt is you love your own product so getting an objective view is so valuable, a simple meeting is crucial as it sparks different idea and considerations. Michael Papworth

Melting Messages have designed a candle that, once lit, will burn down to reveal a hidden message.

As a company they are very much about enhancing those special moments in people’s lives through their products.

The company was launched in February, 2016 and is  enjoying great success in the wholesale market and have recently secured a contract to supply their products to the greetings card company, Moon Pig.

Director, Michael Papworth, tells us a little more about the challenges the company have faced: “The amount of hours that have been put in to the company at start up stage has been a real eye opener. There is so much to do and understand and prioritising the right actions is key. You can work hard but you are responsible for everything. It is so important to get things out of your mind and on to paper and if it means working a 20 hours day you just have to do it as there is no one else.

“The courses and one to one advice we have received has been invaluable in helping us to understand the importance of managing our cash flow and using the right marketing channels to promote our business to appropriate audiences.

In addition, having a mentor available has given us the opportunity to discuss our ideas and take an analytical approach to our business. The feedback we have received has been essential in helping us through the start up process.”

Michael Papworth is a client of Enterprise for London who deliver business support across London.  Under the Start & Grow initiative, Michael received 20 hours of support and 2 day’s training.  One job has been created and £9,000 sourced in finance.

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