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Craig brings his comic hobby to business fruition

My mentor Jean made sure that every step of the way I was guided. Craig Prothero, Trinity C Ltd

Craig Prothero was working as an electrician, but had a lifelong passion for comic books, films, graphic novels and sci-fi that he wanted to embrace. With nearly 20 years of product knowledge behind him, Craig decided it was time to fulfil his dream to own a comic store.

Trinity C is an online store selling comics, clothes and collectibles, but what is it that sets Craig’s business apart from his competitors?

Trinity C is one of few comic stores offering handmade clothing inspired by comics, and a range of cosplay items. Craig is also working on building a hero kit, allowing customers to design their own superhero costumes.

Craig received training in business planning, marketing, tax, bookkeeping and accounts. Nwes Business Mentor. Jean McNeil. met with Craig to provide extra one-to-one support, and supported Craig in accessing low-interest loan funding via the Start Up Loans programme.

“My mentor Jean made sure that every step of the way I was guided on what research to conduct and where, what budgeting I needed to plan for, and what problems can arise from lack of planning” said Craig.

With his business skills topped up and Start Up Loans funding, Craig was ready to start his business.

Under the Start & Grow scheme Craig received 30 hours of support and advice, and procured an investment into the business of £9,500.

Visit the Trinity C online shop.

Craig Prothero is an Nwes client.

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