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Judo passion inspires sportswear fashion

Things take time. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Do not rush to the finish line, and don’t ever give up when challenges get in your way Daisy Walsh

When Daisy Walsh was growing up, she had two passions: Judo and fashion. She competed internationally at Judo and was awarded several medals. With dreams of representing her country in the Olympics, her judo career ended after she suffered a knee injury.

It was then that Daisy recognised a gap in the market for fashionable sportswear. She was able to follow her other passion for fashion and established Daisy & Co London in 2016.

The main challenge was finding the right supplier to see her designs come to life. Once this had been overcome, the thrill of gaining her first customers is something that Daisy won’t forget. The weeks of research, and months of developing products paid off when she found a supplier to make her dream a reality.

“I held a launch night to showcase my collection with a catwalk show. It was that night that we had many customers” Daisy says.

Daisy sought the support of Enterprise Agency, Nwes to develop her business skills. She found attending a free workshop on budgeting and financial forecasting helpful, and was provided with a business plan template, to help her to develop her business model and plan.

“The support from Nwes made the scary steps of building a business enjoyable” she says.

Daisy is now looking to the future. In two years she would love to have a larger collection to offer, with more diversity, statement prints, and printed trainers.
“I hope to get more women feeling confident how they look and wanting to succeed in sport.”

Daisy Walsh is a client of Nwes, delivering business support in the East of England.  Under the Start & Grow programme, Daisy received 20 hours of support and attended two training days.  She created one job and raised finance to inject into the business of £21,000.

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