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Making training an enjoyable experience

The biggest single thing that we benefited from was the business plan template and guidance given to us by Julie. It was incredibly comprehensive and allowed us to break down all aspects of our business.

The team at GlobeUs Training in Southampton believes that high quality training should be available to everyone which is why they offer a wide range of courses across many sectors that are cost effective and flexible. Whether you want face to face or on-line delivery, short courses or bespoke packages, multi-lingual tutors or foreign language exam papers, they can offer you these choices. Training should be an enjoyable experience – this is proven to make it more effective and it is their goal to deliver training with passion so you can expect the best results.

Although they had a vast amount of experience across many aspects of the training sector, they had always been protected to a large extent by the bubble created around them working at a huge company. Therefore they had a lack of experience running their own business and found that it is a completely different mind-set when the decisions you make directly impact on you and there isn’t a safety net around you should something go wrong.

GlobeUs met Julie very early on and she was fundamental in getting things off the ground. As indicated they previously had no experience in setting up a business and it was Julie’s input and support that paved the way to get everything into place. After the first few meetings however, they had some clear direction on the actions they needed to take and how to start planning for the future. Julie advised on appropriate financing and supported them with their Virgin Loan application.

GlobeUs have met with Julie numerous times subsequently and she continues to offer help and support as they put their marketing strategy into place and win contracts with local companies.

Under the Start & Grow scheme GlobeUs received 16 hours of support, one training day, procured an investment into the business of £5,000, and created 3 additional jobs.  They will continue to receive support for 3 years.

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