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Money website reaps rewards of Growth Vouchers advice

The market is definitely big enough for us. We just needed some advice in certain areas to help us move forward. Jason Tassie - Notice Media Ltd, Know your Money

Comparison website www.knowyourmoney.co.uk is enjoying the benefits of marketing advice through the Growth Vouchers scheme with more than 300,000 visits a month. Director Jason Tassie invested in the voucher to seek advice on sales and marketing, return on investment and how to measure the effectiveness of his marketing.

“I read about it in the Guardian and applied. Our advisor came in to look at how we developed our systems and how we did our marketing. She had a good knowledge of Google Analytics and showed us systems that were far better than we were using.

“We have implemented what we were advised and took advice on social media, email marketing as well as changing our tracking and reporting.”  Jason chose digital marketing agency www.searchfruits.co.uk, of Horstead near Norwich as his advisor. The website has been running from its Norwich base for nearly 10 years comparing credit cards, mortgages, insurance, loans and bank accounts and Jason was keen to investigate how it could grow.

“We are seeing a benefit already,” said Jason, who runs the company with two other directors.“It is quite difficult being a small business to sometimes pull your head out of the sand and get strategic advice.

“Some of the problems with running a small business is making the right choices when it comes to the variety of ways you can market your business online.”

The company, Notice Media, employs seven people on online advertising, editorial and finance and is based on Queen Street, Norwich.

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