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Nice and Reliable

and don’t be ashamed of asking people for help and advice - without Nwes's help. I wouldn’t be where I am today Nathan Yaxley

N&R Gardening Services lives up to its name – providing nice and reliable outdoor maintenance services including grass cutting, hedge and tree removal, and gutter clearing.

Nathan Yaxley had always dreamed of running his own gardening business but never found the courage to get started. It was working alongside his father-in-law installing sea defenses that gave him the faith in himself he needed – helping to run the company showed him he could do the same for his own business.

“My advice to other people wanting to start their own business is not to panic, listen to what people who are willing to help you say, and don’t be ashamed of asking people for help and advice – without Nwes’s help. I wouldn’t be where I am today”

He reached out to Nwes after a trip to the Job Centre and within a week of calling he was on three courses through the Start and Grow programme, and building his business plan. His Nwes advisor Victoria Williamson guided him through an application for a Start-Up Loan and he was accepted. It took six months, but now N&R Gardening Services is up and running, employing two more team members.

Under the Start & Grow scheme Nathan received support and advice, three days of training, procured an investment into the business of £6,000, and created one additional job.

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Nathan Yaxley is an Nwes client.

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