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No More Taboo – a new business to shout about

The Start & Grow programme accelerated me into doing other things that I wouldn’t have otherwise thought about Chloe Tingle

Chloe Tingle spent 6 months working in Bolivia on a menstrual health project. Upon Chloe’s return to the UK, in February 2015, her passion for this topic led her to establish her own social enterprise under the name of No More Taboo.

No More Taboo’s three main areas of focus are:

  • selling sustainable sanitary products
  • running education programmes
  • running charitable projects to break the taboos of menstruation

Chloe had applied for funding but her applications hadn’t been successful. She remained optimistic though and uses these applications as a learning curve.  She sought an alternative source of finance and successfully ran a crowdfunding campaign , which raised over £7,000, and has now received sponsorship from the University of Bristol.

“The help from Business West has been brilliant. The programme opened a lot of doors for me that I didn’t really expect.” said Chloe.

Chloe is certainly striving for success with her social enterprise. She is working towards making her educational programmes more inclusive for both genders as well as looking into gender neutral products to launch on the website, for example, toilet roll and environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Chloe is also finding her ‘Period Parties’ to be successful and will continue to hold these for individuals and other businesses, and is currently adjusting her business plan to focus on a subscription model for the short-term future, to encourage a steady income.

Chloe Tingle is a client of Business West, delivering business support in the South West.

Under the Start & grow programme Chloe received 16 hours of support and attended one training day.  She raised finance of £7,000 and her future growth includes looking at new markets.  No More Taboo has created one job.

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