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The right advice puts couple in Fine Spirits

If you’re ever unsure of something, always seek advice. Kim Wells

The Fine Spirits Company are an online retailer dedicated to the sale of premium, small batch and craft spirits, including gin, rum, vodka and whisky.

Registered as a limited company in December 2014 they began trading in May 2015. Kim Wells devised the initial concept of the company alongside Matt Parsons, after spending some time deciding on whether it was going to be a worthwhile career path. After much consideration, entrepreneurship was clearly the way forward.

From the start of the venture the team behind The Fine Spirits Company knew that they didn’t want to gain funding from a bank. So finding the right funding was difficult until they met the Business West Start & Grow team. Making the perfect website was key for the business as they are an online retailer. Acquiring alcohol licences from the local authorities was a long and expensive process.

The Start & Grow team at Business West guided the business through the loan application process and successfully secured a loan of £1,600 from SWIG Finance.

“Never shut yourself off from the opinions of anyone. Your ability to listen to the different perspectives of others will ultimately decide whether your venture succeeds or fails.” said Kim.

The business has greatly benefited from the Business West Chamber of Commerce membership, taking advantage of the networking and promotional opportunities that became available to them and the business believe this membership will continue to be beneficial to them for many years to come.

Kim and Matt were supported under the Start & Grow programme through Business West.  £1,600 was invested into the business.

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