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Car wash station located at:
Station Road
North Somerset
BS23 1XG

Superior Car Wash Service for Weston-Super-Mare

The ground work that was laid down thanks to the support of the team at Start and Grow will allow me to grow my business at a quicker rate in the future Rosie Semaj

Weston-Super-Mare has a new car wash in the centre of town that is proving popular with the seaside town’s residents. Berti’s Car wash operates in the heart of the town from the car park of a busy Tesco supermarket, an ideal location which gives the business a high footfall of clients looking to get their car washed whilst they complete their shopping.

Berti’s Car Wash was the business idea of Rosie Semaj.

The offering at Berti’s is anything from a simple car wash to a full valet with the option of everything in between, offering customers different options at different prices which appeals to the many types of car owner. Berti’s lets customers leave their vehicle with them whilst they carry on with their busy lives, allowing them to pick it up whenever they want, which is one of the unique approaches that separates them from other carwashes around the town.

In addition to this the business also only uses ‘Autoglym’ cleaning products to wash the cars. These products are high end and do not use acid, which can sometimes damage the car’s paintwork. The business is also fully insured, unlike some of the other car washes that you see by the roadsides in many towns and cities across the country.

Securing finance was a challenge.  After first approaching the bank Rosie was signposted to SWIG, the SWIG team offered her the chance to get involved with the Start and Grow team at Business West who helped her produce the business plan which was so crucial to securing the finance from SWIG, In addition to this, there is continued help from the team regarding the running of her business. Rosie feels that the ground work that was laid down with the help and support from the team at Start & Grow means she now has the foundations in place to continue to grow her business. She has recently been able to employ new members of staff allowing her to maintain the winning customer service formula as her client base continues to grow.

Rosie Semaj is a client of Business West, delivering business support in the South West.

Under the Start & Grow programme Rosie received 21 hours of support and undertook one day’s training.  A personal investment of £7,550 was made into the business with a further £22,550 secured as a loan.  In total six jobs have been created with plans to expand in the near future.

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