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Support programme fixes it for Rosie

The support from Business West was brilliant. I was given such an insight into the details of my business plan Rosie Noorlander, Fix-It Phones

Whilst out of work due to an injury, Rosie Noorlander begun considering alternative ways that she could make an income, and had a ‘light bulb moment’ to open a phone shop.  Using her extra available time, Rosie conducted an initial market analysis of both Sherborne and Dorchester and realised that her idea could be more promising than she had thought, with shop space immediately available in Dorchester.

The primary barrier for Rosie to open her own business was funding.  She had the planning sorted, but lacked the funds that she needed to rent a space and purchase initial stock. Rosie was also ineligible for many of the start-up loans available.

Working closely with business advisor Andrew Mercer, Rosie conducted further, in-depth research, created her business plan and completed her financial forecasts. Andrew also helped Rosie to understand the important work that goes on behind the scenes of a business, such as marketing and accounting. Through Business West, Rosie was able to receive a start-up loan of £7,100 from SWIG Finance, enabling her to rent business space, kit it out and purchase her initial stock.

The future holds possible franchise options for Rosie.

Rosie Noorlander is a client of Business West, delivering business support in the South West.

Under the Start & Grow programme, Rosie received 21 hours of support and attended one training day.  She has leveraged finance of £7,100 and created one job.

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