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Supportiv gets business support to deliver support itself

I felt that I would benefit hugely from having someone I could turn to in an advisory role who could provide me with mentoring and objectivity when it came to making important decisions Hayley Ramm

Hayley Ramm, a recruitment advisor from Bolton has established a new venture to deliver her own support for enterprises with their recruitment needs. Supportiv offers specialist advice which, unlike a recruitment agency which focuses upon sourcing candidates, will offer expertise in a range of areas including analysing the vacancy needs within a company, developing job descriptions and adverts, preparing interview structures and assessing potential candidates’ skills and competencies against the requirements of the role.

Having experience within a variety of sectors, Hayley recognises the challenges facing organisations when it comes to recruitment  She identified the gap in the market for someone with her experience. “Regardless of the size of the business or the industry sector, recruitment is something which, at some point, will affect every company.” said Hayley.  “There is so much that needs to be taken into account – including understanding the requirements of the role, what skills and experience is needed, how and where to advertise to attract the right candidates and the ability to assess and compare applicants – which can make recruitment a very time consuming process; but one which you must get right.

“A significant amount of legislation has been introduced in recent years relating to employment and recruitment and it is vital that companies are familiar with any changes and ensure that their policies and procedures comply. I also advise companies on how to conduct interviews, the questions they should be asking – and what they need to look for in a person’s answers – and how they as employers can present their company so they can most effectively sell the opportunity to prospective candidates. In some sectors, there is a shortage of good candidates so it is essential that employers recognise and understand what they can do to secure top talent.”

Hayley will primarily be looking to work with smaller enterprises who could be tackling recruitment for the first time or those experiencing a period of growth and need to address a number of different requirements. Although many of the companies will be those without HR departments of their own, there are occasions where in-house departments could need supplementary resource.

When it came to getting her business idea off the ground, Hayley worked with TEDCO Business Support through the Start & Grow programme.  She was introduced to her personal business advisor Tracy Clarkson, who provided one-to-one support from idea concept through to business launch.

Working with Tracy gave Hayley the opportunity to examine every aspect of her business plan so that she had the confidence to move forward with her venture.  “Having someone that I could talk through my concerns with or that could offer an alternative viewpoint was invaluable – when you are setting out on your own you can feel quite overwhelmed; Tracy kept me focused and knowing that I could draw upon her experience was extremely helpful.” said Hayley.

Hayley is also holding a series of free one-to-one recruitment consultations, the first of which is taking place on 15th February at The BIC in Sunderland.

Tracy Clarkson said: “Hayley is an extremely talented and experienced HR and recruitment specialist. She recognised that businesses in the region have a real need for her skills and set out with a clear strategy for a viable and sustainable enterprise. As well as securing a number of clients, Hayley has given consideration to how Supportiv may grow to meet future demand and has developed some extremely valuable connections within the business community which will enable her to look at how she expands her network in the future. We wish Hayley well and look forward to continuing to work closely with her as her business develops.”

Hayley is a client of TEDCO delivering business support in the North East.  Through the Start & Grow programme Hayley received start-up advice and support to get her business off the ground.

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