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Where there’s a will, there’s a new way

This has been invaluable in steering the way forward for the business and building links and contacts in the business community. Alison Goodier

Wills Express is an online solicitor business.

Seeing clients in their homes, or her own, Alison offers a whole suite of professional services including Will drafting, preparation of Lasting Powers of Attorney and advice upon Advanced Directives and applications for Grants of Probate.

Having worked for many firms, Alison wanted the autonomy of being self-employed. She began looking at her options – researching business support online, she found Nwes. Through the Start & Grow programme, her Nwes Advisor, Joseph Barrell, helped Alison refine her business plan, guiding her on cash flow projections and together they built a coherent strategy.

Wills Express launched in October 2015.

Competition in the online will writing market is high – will writing is unregulated, unlike solicitors. But being an online solicitor gives Alison’s business an edge – avoiding the overheads of a traditional high street firm means she can offer competitive rates for a professional service.

Having been used to working for bigger firms, Alison has found self-employment a little less social at times – “This is where going out and networking with other business owners helps.” But the lows never outweigh the highs  which Alison sees as the freedom to work independently and to make her own decisions.

Alison knows the programme’s impact has been important in the business’ growth. “I meet with an Nwes representative monthly to discuss how the business is progressing and it is very helpful in setting action plans for the forthcoming month.”

Joseph said, “Alison is a joy to work with, and I am certain that the commitment she shows in her new business will enable her in time, to reap the benefits of the success to which she aspires.”

“For those wishing to start their own business,” Alison concluded, “I would recommend taking advice from an organisation such as Nwes where people with experience can guide you through the process and make suggestions or challenges which help move the business forward.”

Alison hopes to employ staff as the business grows.

Alison is a client of Nwes who deliver business support and advice across the East of England.  Through the Start & Grow programme Alison received 15 hours of support and made an investment of £4,100 into the business.

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