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Vision is the future in business directories

Workshops and masterclasses have been additionally helpful and we continue to attend these under the Start & Grow programme too Sandra Augusti

BVPages is a unique directory that allows businesses to highlight their products and services through the form of video. This platform has been designed so that clients can make more informed choices and discover something new. It is the only online directory that features video as a standard listing.

Sandra Augusti, founder of BV Pages, recalls “My first challenge was to secure a website that had all the features that I envisaged. It had to be affordable at the start up stages and be functional.

“Finding the right designer who understood our wants and needs and continuing the conversation and negotiations to ensure that they were on board and truly understood what needed to be created was key. It is now almost where we want it to be, but will always be a work in progress.

“When we talk to people about our vision and the business, there is a lot of excitement and interest. Developing the whole concept, all the R & D that has gone into this has been a project in itself.”

At the outset, it was the help in understanding how to put a business plan together and forecast financials which were of most interest to Sandra.  As the business progressed along its startup journey Sandra appreciated the assistance with contracts, terms and conditions of employment, and the advice around employment which, she says, “were again invaluable.”

“It has been absolutely fantastic! It has helped grow my confidence, improve my knowledge, and has given me a steer on building credibility for the business.”

Sandra Augusti is a client of Nwes, delivering business support in the East of England.

Under the Start & Grow programme Sandra received 24 hours of support and the business has created 5 jobs.


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