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Wood fired Italian pizza comes to Essex

Our future goal is to open our own restaurant. We intend to achieve this by growing our business steadily by developing our products and brand, thus in turn building our customer base Jeanina Giuliucci

SanFranCo plans to sell sourdough pizza’s and bread, as well as healthy products to local residents, providing an authentic taste of Italy.

With a unique selling point of sourdough as the base for pizzas and bread, using a wood fired oven SanFranCo produces a healthier and superior tasting product, which the business owner, Jeanina Giuliucci believes their competitors will be unable to match.

Jeanina says that finding the right equipment at a price which is affordable has been a challenge but they have been able to overcome this and are looking forward to commencing trading.

“After spending a lot of time travelling around Italy, we developed a good understanding of what makes a good pizza.” says Jeanina. “Having been surprised at the expensive and poor quality offered locally, we felt we could do much better.”

The Start & Grow programme has been invaluable for Jeanina. The most useful support to date, she says, has been the helpful suggestions while she was working on her business plan. The knowledge and experience of Nwes was incredibly helpful.

“We have been able to successfully secure a loan to help us buy the essentials we need to get the business going.” she says.

With currently plans to operate from a mobile catering unit, there is good growth potential for SanFranCo, with Jeanina aiming to build up her customer base to enable her to open a restaurant in three to four years time.

Jeanina Giuliucci is a client of Nwes, delivering business support in the East of England.

Under the Start & Grow programme Jeanina received 8.5 hours of support and raised £19,000 to invest into the business.  3 jobs have been created.

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