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20th June, 2016 No Comments

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We are passionate about supporting new businesses and we’ve helped thousands of small businesses flourish across England.

Cavendish Enterprise has teamed up with Crowdfunder to create Cavendish Crowd – a partnership aimed at supporting and inspiring businesses across the country through its newly launched crowdfunding platform.

In our quest to support some of the brightest and most exciting start-ups, by offering an alternative form of finance to the usual arrangements offered through banks, etc, Cavendish Enterprise partners are now able to advise and support startup and growing businesses through the crowdfunding process.

Visit the Cavendish Crowd site to launch your crowdfunding project, and find crowdfunding advice and support.  Here are five top tips to start you off:

1 Identify and engage with your network

Crowdfunding is about reaching out to the community around you, in business this could be your current customers – or your future customers if you are launching a new product or brand.

Start close to home with your friends and family, talk to your loyal supporters and identify your wider network. You’ll need their support – so make sure to ask them to share your campaign when it’s up and running.

2 Warm up your crowd

It’s time to get everyone excited. Let your crowd know you’ve got a great project in the pipeline. Share a few details; get your supporters ready to pledge. 90% of the work on your campaign should happen before you go live and start funding. That includes getting your biggest fans ready to pledge on the day you launch.

3 Great rewards

Make people want to pledge to your project not just to help you out but because they get something amazing in return: Rewards should be unique, great value, and non-geographical – appealing to everyone who is interested in your idea – making your project an exciting one to be a part of.

4 Plan – fail to prepare, prepare to fail

You need a plan, you need a team and you need to know who is doing what and when. Many of the most successful business crowdfunder campaigns have pledgers lined up before the launch date in order to drive momentum once the campaign is live.

It’s also a great idea to plan your social media, PR and marketing approach before you start so it’s plain sailing when your campaign launches.

5 Talk to your community

Communicate with your supporters, before, during and after your campaign. Say thank you for their pledges – keep them up to date with progress on your project, send out rewards quickly and keep talking to them – where is their money going, how is it helping your business? These supporters are your customers and you want them to come back again and again – maybe even supporting your next Crowdfunder campaign.

So, if you have a great idea and think crowdfunding may be the best solution to raising the finance you require contact the Cavendish Enterprise delivery partner in your region, for support and advice, or go straight to the Cavendish Crowd platform and launch your project today!


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