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4th February, 2015 No Comments

I was at a networking event recently when I met a lady who had just started her own personal training business.  On quizzing her a little about how she began the company she told me that she had been very overweight and just needed to make a change in her life and so she got fit, which led to her new career.  Having hung up my football boots last year and been rather lax in my exercise regime of late I asked her what the one piece of advice she could give me and her simple and answer was, “Just get out of the door!”

I was reminded of this conversation when I was speaking to another business owner who was telling me about her fear of social media.  I recounted this story using the tale as a metaphor to encourage this client to face their fear and ‘just get out of the door!’

However, the true power of this very simple sentence only really hit home when the business owner sent a tweet thanking me for the session and used the words as a hashtag at the end of her tweet.

I have been working with businesses for almost ten years now and there are three pieces of advice that have always stayed with me, the one relayed above, and these two others:

‘Remember you make the weather’ – taken from the wonderful Mr Vic Goddard, Headteacher at Passmores Academy.  Its meaning is straightforward: your mood will dictate the mood of those around you.  So, for example, if you come across as being stressed and tetchy it gives your staff permission to behave in exactly the same way.

‘Surround yourself with radiators, not drains’.  Its meaning is similar to that above: the most effective teams are those with enthusiasm at its core.  When you have a negative individual in the team it can make everything feel like an effort, and can really affect morale.

So its up to you to make sure everyone is pulling in the same direction with a positive outlook.

Sometimes the best advice can be so simple.

Written by Tom Bircham, Nwes Senior Business Events Advisor

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