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30th January, 2017 No Comments

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You’re probably thinking PR is just for big companies with tens of thousands of pounds to spend getting the right spin in the newspapers and not for small businesses.  However, to move your business forward you need to bring in more sales, and by increasing awareness of your business and brand you drive sales. Therefore, for small businesses where every penny counts, you need cost-effective PR.

This is exactly what those big companies spend their big budgets doing; and it’s also exactly what a small business should be very focussed on too.

People talk of cash flow shortages as being the main reason for failure, and certainly businesses that can’t manage their cash flow are treading a thin line.  The real reason most businesses fail to reach their full potential though is that their potential customers don’t know they are there, and those all-important sales in the business plan simply fail to materialise.

That’s where PR comes in.

When many small businesses are challenged on what their marketing and PR plan is, too frequently you get blank looks. If you are lucky you will be given a copy of their latest newsletter to existing customers.  There is rarely a coherent strategy to make the most of social media, traditional media, and advertising campaigns, none of which need to be expensive or complicated, but all of which are absolutely critical in promoting the business brand.

The way to look at it is that advertising is a way of the business buying some space to tell the world how good it is, which is fine, but it can be expensive, and in today’s cynical world too few people believe or trust the marketing spin.

Social media is smarter and more effective, as it is usually free, and whilst the initial input is from the business, when others ‘share’, any comments gain credibility. But it can be damaging when the trending turns against the business rather than for it.

Traditional media on the other hand is much more controlled, and has the benefit of an independent third party making the comment or recommendation in their article, as well of course as it being free.

So, you might like to consider using an inexpensive, but helpful, PR platform, such as JournoLink, to manage a small business PR strategy and engage with journalists and bloggers.  It need not be a luxury available only to big companies.  It should be an affordable and critical piece of the success jigsaw.

Submitted by Ben Caine, Client Manager, JournoLink


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